2019 was one of those interesting farming years at Cornell Farms. Although cattle prices are holding well, it was a difficult crop year. We harvested two thirds of the barley and oats with the rest being harvested by using swath grazing (letting the cattle into the field to eat it). We had so much rain from August to October that nothing could get on the fields without damaging them with large ruts.

Farm markets have been busy with sales continuing to rise. Our grain bins have been relocated from the farm yard and expanded so that we can take advantage of some new crops now that most of the land around the home farm has been tiled. Watch our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages to see what we're doing here throughout the year. It's always an adventure.

Charlotte Jeannine Cornell

The big news at Cornell Farms is that Garnet and Michelle now have a little girl, Charlotte Jeannine Cornell, born on August 13, 2019.

Garnet continues to work as an Environmental Specialist for New Gold - Rainy River Project. Michelle is on maternity leave from the local Optometrist office in Fort Frances.

Charlotte is the first great grandchild of Gordon and Jeannine Cornell.

Charlotte is the ninth great grandchild of Earle and Joanne Clysdale.

Here's Kelsey and Rebecca with Charlotte.

Kelsey's Graduation from Brew School

Kelsey just finished Brew School at Niagara College. Her final celebration involved a beer making competition in St. Catherines, Ontario. Pat and Kim flew down and surprised her. We are so proud of her and then she won! Rebecca continues to work as a Verterinarian in Kirkton, Ontario.

Gordon and Jeannine Cornell's 65th Wedding Anniversary

Kim's parents, Gordon and Jeannine celebrated their 65th Wedding Anniversary in August in the Barn. It was a lovely celebration with Doug and Janet arriving from Airdrie, Alberta.

Earle Clysdale's 90th Birthday Party

We celebrated Pat's Dad's 90th birthday in October, making the 15 hour trip with Garnet, Michelle and Charlotte. Here's a picture of the entire Clysdale Farmily! Quite a crew. 

Travels Throughout the Year

Kim and Pat visited friends in Scottsdale, Arizona and joined Doug and Janet at Disney World, etc. in Florida. Rebecca and Kelsey visited one of our exchange students in Norway. Michelle and Garnet travelled to Florida as well for a week.

Kim's parents, Gordon and Jeannine and Pat's parents, Earle and Joanne are still going strong. Earle and Joanne even went to Portugal with Marie, Earle, Bella and Marie's friend Melissa.

This Christmas picture of Charlotte has nothing to do with our travels but we thought it was too cute to leave out.

Best Wishes for 2020

Kim continues to travel throught the region for Farmers' Markets on top of all his farming duties. Pat continues to work as a Justice of the Peace based in the Fort Frances Courthouse.

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Hope you have a happy holiday season and best wishes for 2020.

Kim, Pat, Rebecca, Kelsey, Garnet, Michelle and Charlotte
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